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What Version Of Windows 8 Do I Have


If you need help, we've got a guide to pulling data off a dead computer. Pro tip: If you use CTRL+C when the popup window is active, it will copy the contents of the window to the clipboard, and then you can paste it into Notepad for more on that. 2 Windows 8 or 8.1 Windows 8.1 Start Button. There's No Excuse for Not Backing Up Your Computer. have a peek here

You’ll keep that system nice and clean, and beat the scammers at their own game. The Complete Guide to Avoiding (and Removing) Windows Crapware The Complete Guide to Avoiding (and You use the same procedure as for a 32 bit machine. Cool to have a script too...but if you have a flash drive just keep the Nirsoft and Sysinternals suites on them. I also hold them in a Lastpass vault.

December 30, 2014 Fred Merchant The free Belarc Advisor give you the same information.

December 30, 2014 Straspey Just a note regarding Prodkey

What Version Of Windows 8 Do I Have

Look for your antivirus program's icon in the notification area of the taskbar. Check out our complete guide to knowing your network for more info—it’s got everything you need to know, from buying a router to setting up your network and more. Know Of course, the best solution is making sure it doesn’t get stolen in the first place, and making sure all your personal data is locked down. Capitals unnecessary, they are provided for clarity.

December 30, 2014 Fred I have tried the VBS script as presented in the article and it doesn't work for me.

How to Use All of Windows 10’s Backup and Recovery Tools How to Boot Linux ISO Images Directly From Your Hard Drive Why I Still Use Windows 7 After a Year You have Windows Vista if, after clicking the Start Button, you see a Start Menu that looks a lot like this.Tip: As I mentioned in the Windows 7 section (above), both In that case you have to use the key from the COA sticker which is on the back of a desktop and on the bottom or in the battery compartment of Upgrade To Windows 10 Look for your antivirus program's icon in the notification area of the taskbar.

If you experience more serious problems, you can probably fix them yourself too. How To Check Windows 10 Version Printed on a sticker: Some PCs use a technology called "System Locked Pre-installation," or SLP. I've used it to successfully retrieve Office 2013 keys after a re-image: http://www.sterjosoft.com/key-finder.html

Got Feedback? https://www.lifewire.com/what-version-of-windows-do-i-have-2624927 You'll need that product key to reinstall Windows-and, if the manufacturer used System Locked Pre-installation, that key is different from the one your PC came with in software.

Do Everything Faster with Shortcuts The great thing about computers is that they can do a lot of things much faster than a human. Download Windows 10 Protect Yourself From Viruses Windows users have long known the pain of viruses and other malware, but the good news is it’s pretty easy to avoid. Read the Key From the Certificate of Authenticity Sticker If you have a Windows 7-era PC, there's a good chance the PC's key is a single key the manufacturer uses for all their PCs. I ran this code and verified with NirSoft ProduKey that the Product Key for Windows matches.

December 30, 2014 Lowell Heddings Yeah, I just went and double-checked again, and the code

How To Check Windows 10 Version

Embedded in your PC's UEFI firmware: Many newer PCs that come with Windows 8 or 10 use a new method. http://www.wikihow.com/Check-if-Your-Computer-Has-Bluetooth Note: If there is a Bluetooth symbol in your System Tray, then you have Bluetooth hardware installed and active. 2 Look for the Bluetooth Radios category. What Version Of Windows 8 Do I Have Itreported my Office 2003 2007 2010 product keys correctly. Windows 7 Product Key Windows doesn't detect all antivirus software, and some antivirus software doesn't report its status to Windows.

Show more unanswered questions Ask a Question 200 characters left Submit Already answered Not a question Bad question Other If this question (or a similar one) is answered twice in this navigate here Accessing the Device Manager quickly is a little different for each version of Windows: Windows 8 - Press ⊞ Win+X and select Device Manager Windows 7/Vista - Click the Start Menu You’d be surprised how unsafe you were being before. How Secure Are You Online: The Checklist How Secure Are You Online: The Checklist How Secure Are You Online: The Checklist Schroeder Yeah that would be a problem. Windows 7 Download

If your antivirus software isn't displayed in Action Center and you're not sure how to find it, try any of the following: Type the name of the software or the publisher While you usually don't need to know the exact version number for whatever Windows version you have installed, general information about the operating system version you're running is very important.Everyone should On April 8, 2014, Microsoft will end support for Windows XP. Check This Out Thanks for voting!

You Can Change That! Windows Vista Help answer questions Learn more 164 How-To Geek Articles l l How to Stop Websites From Asking to Show Notifications How to Clean Up Your Messy Windows Context Menu How to Bluetooth requires certain hardware before it will function on a computer.

If there's some sort of compartment you can open, it might be in there.

I have written a small batch file (.BAT) which will do the job. February 21, 2014September 16, 2014 - Eve Blakemore - Group Manager, Trustworthy Computing If your computer is running Windows 8 If your computer is running Windows 8, you already have antivirus Now I understand the discrepancy mentioned in my post above

December 30, 2014 Fred In the above program I use several variables that are provided by Windows so that the program Windows 7 Home Premium The results of the ProduKey matched my Windows 8 (original config) but I have since updated to Windows 8.1.

If you do not have Bluetooth hardware installed, you can purchase Bluetooth USB dongles for just a few dollars off Amazon or a variety of other retailers. You have Windows 7 if you see a Start Menu that looks like this when you click the Start Button.Tip: The Windows 7 & Windows Vista (below) start buttons and menus Also on this date, Microsoft will stop providing Microsoft Security Essentials for download on Windows XP. (If you already have Microsoft Security Essentials installed, you will continue to receive antimalware signature updates this contact form wikiHow Contributor It's the same as for Windows 9.

If your computer is on a domain, you can use Windows Password Rescuer Advanced edition. Abelssoft MyKeyFinder - http://www.abelssoft.net/mykeyfinder.php - I tested MyKeyFinder 2014 Free onWindows 8.0. If the Key Is Stored in Your PC's Hardware Let's start with the simplest situation. To find out if you already have antivirus software: Open Action Center by clicking the Start button , clicking Control Panel, and then, under System and Security, clicking Review your computer's status.

The results seem consistent with the rest of the discussions. EditRelated wikiHows How to Use a Bluetooth Device How to Send Files to a Cell/Mobile Phone Using Bluetooth Technology How to Replace the Honda Accord 2000 Car Radio With a Bluetooth If you just got a new computer, there's a 99% chance you have Windows 10 installed. (Maybe closer to 99.9%!)Windows 9 never did exist. Ads by Google 4 answers Comments are Closed Kongjie December 16, 2011 at 2:47 am If your computer is lone, there are some good choice: 1.

I'll try some more and get back.edit:I tried several of my machines and I couldn't get a good result.